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Robert Tressell’s novel ‘The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists’ is a classic of working-class literature. Set in the fictional town of Mugsborough the novel is based on Tressell’s own experiences working as a sign painter around the coastal town of Hastings.

The book, oft passed around the trenches of WWII, is credited with helping Labour achieve a landslide victory in 1945, resulting in the formation of the NHS and the country’s first true welfare system.

Tony Benn said of it’s author; “He gave us a torch to pass on from generation to generation. He gave us a lamp to light the way.” And George Orwell heralded it as “A book that everyone should read”.

Our mission is to bring Tressell’s depiction of the human struggle to the screen in an exclusively cinematic way.

This is a film about the pressures that survival forces on personal integrity, and the impossible decisions that the many are forced to make when living in a society that values capital over humanity.

The film is currently in development, with the adaptation written by George Moore, Martin Chomsky and Ben Goodman, and to be directed by George Moore.

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