Creative Team

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George Moore - Director / Producer

A director, producer and screenwriter with experience beyond his years, George has been developing and working with the novel for the best part of four years, with an intimate relationship and understanding of the source material, historical context and fan network, with an in-depth vision for bringing Tressell’s text to the screen. 

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Martin Chomsky - Adaptation

In 2013, Martin adapted Tressell’s classic into a comic book for children called RTP Downsized, in time for the 2014 centenary of the original’s publication.  He’s also recorded an audio version, featuring BAFTA-winning actors Stephen and Paul McCole. In developing RTPD he has worked closely with Reg Johnson, the late custodian of the Tressell family archive. 

Of his adaptation, Labour stalwart Tony Benn said it was ‘a truly fantastic project’, and Noam Chomsky, arguably the world’s preeminent academic, said ‘I look forward to reading it very much’.


Ben Goodman - Screenplay

Ben Goodman is a graduate of writing programs at both The Royal Court and Soho Theatre. His short film script for Callum was filmed in 2011 and screened at 26 festivals around the world, winning 15 awards. His follow up Rage was funded as part of KSF's Artist of Choice initiative in 2015.

Ben is currently writer in residence for Broken Hearted Youth and is ideally placed to build on Martin’s effort to deliver a screenplay that connects strongly with our target audience.